In addition to our extensive network of implementation partners, eachmember of the Global team has 20+ years experience in IT and executive leadership.

Our ecosystem partners bring deep expertise and the right technologyto create lasting value and accelerate change across your enterprise

Analysis and Strategy

We understand how your processes and technologies are performing today and how they need to perform in the future in order to help you succeed.

Our experts are skilled in recommending the best services forthe best price.

Next Generation Infrastructure

The Next Generation of IT infrastructure promises to reduce costs and elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that rapidly transform your business demands.


We also know securing and protecting corporate data through your network is paramount to surviving and the more mobile your workforce becomes the more resilient your network must be.

Digital Transformation

The digital workplace exists at the intersection of people, organization and tools. It is the experience of work delivered through a collection of connected devices, software and interfaces.

Managed Services

Armed with cutting-edge monitoring technologies and cloud options, ouelite team of specialists can help you avoid system failures.

Vendor Managment

MCG Global Technology does not sell any product or service.

Wenegotiate the best prices for our clients according to your project andbudget.

Financial Services

Not only will a great nancial partner be able to connect you with the lending opportunities that are most meaningful to your organization, thewill be able to provide insight into shifting economic conditions that might affect the way you do business.

Marketing Services

Our Team understands how important is to partner with the correct Marketing Specialists and Consultants to take your company to the nexlevel. We will help you to choose the right partner.

Global Events

MCG Global Technology organized networking events all around the world.

Be part for this community and part of the circle of leaders in theIT Industry

Executive Team

John MacLean

President & CEO